Reasons Why You Need To Start Eating Raw Cannabis

Have you tried a raw cannabis smoothie? While it may sound gross to some, you will find several great reasons why cannabis could be the superfood that is next. Raw cannabis isn’t psychoactive, which means that it is secure and healthful for people to eat in their diet. It’s also, meaning that makes an impact in little doses. If you are doubtful, here are distinct explanations for why you need to consume cannabis.

Cannabinoid acids

You will find 421 distinct chemical substances in the cannabis plant. Over 100 of them are particular plant molecules known as cannabinoids. While research suggests that other crops can contain chemicals that have similar functions these particular compounds are unique to hemp and marijuana plants.

The main psychoactive in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is a cannabinoid. The cannabis plant itself doesn’t produce an abundance of THC. Instead, the cannabinoid is located on the plant in its raw form as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

It is only through heating and aging which that THCA transforms into THC. Although there may be busy cannabinoids on a cannabis blossom and a small number of aged THC, the majority of them will be found as acids. Many speculate that these acids have a variety of health advantages.

The preclinical study suggests that THCA possibly has antiproliferative and antispasmodic effects. The acid has also been shown to activate a specific cell receptor called TRPA1, which plays a significant part in inflammation and pain regulation related to the nervous system.

The raw, acid type of cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid that is being investigated as a possible new treatment for epilepsy, also has demonstrated some potential. Research has revealed that CBDA and exactly the same cell receptors connect as a few of the drugs. CBDA also interacts with all the TRPA1 receptor, giving some pain-fighting possible to it. Get Canadian weed here!


Many people toss cannabis leaves and bud to a juicer. However, there might be some benefit for a smoothie or a few cannabis leaves in a salad opting. Like most of the leafy greens, cannabis leaves are all filled with the fiber needed for a healthy diet.

Consuming high-fiber foods is required to keep proper digestion and to foster a healthy microbial area in your digestive tract.

Fiber is broken down by microorganisms which reside in the intestines. These microbes are essential for survival, and recent research indicates that caring for this internal ecosystem is vital for proper immune function and mental wellness. To keep these microorganisms living and in balance, eating fibrous foods is essential.

Some could discover that cannabis raw fan leaves are somewhat irritating to the gut. Blending the plant into a smoothie is a fantastic way to keep a number of their fiber without needing to digest the plant if this is the case.

Insert cannabis fan leaves into a green smoothie, a homemade pesto, or use a few sliced leaves as a garnish for a pasta dish.


As with other green leafy plants, cannabis fan leaves contain a variety of vitamins and minerals. Leafy greens are filled with nutrients like:

  • Folate (essential for DNA repair)
  • Iron (essential for moving oxygen through the blood)
  • Calcium (crucial for strong bones)
  • Vitamin C (essential for immune function)
  • Vitamin K (necessary for blood clotting and calcium consumption)

Cannabis is unique and also comprises cannabinoid acids. All dark leafy greens include. All in all, the larger the number the greater, of greens.

To acquire the most nutritional benefit of the herb, be sure that you also include fat in your meal whilst consuming. Did you know that there are different kinds of weed flowers to buy online?

Juicing Health Benefits

While vaporized or smoked cannabis can, in fact, be utilized as a medicinal therapy, hydrating raw cannabis can help prevent health problems before they even arise. Coined the “most important vegetable in the world” by a few, mainly because it can assist with immune system function, provide anti-inflammatory positive aspects, and improve bone metabolism and neural function. In fact, studies have shown marijuana might help inhibit cancer cell growth.

Based on Dr. William Courtney, a dietary raw cannabis specialist and a solid believer in the crops curative powers, “that you are actually walking away from 99% of the benefits cannabis supplies when you cook or smoke cannabis.” Nonetheless, in its raw form, the cannabis plant contains both THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic-acid) and CBDA (Cannabidiolic-acid), two cannabinoids known for their medicinal advantages; all which should be warmed so as to produce THC and CBD, respectively. Just once you decarboxylate THCA, turning it in THC, does it cause psychoactive results or “the large” most correlated with smoking cannabis. The body is able to tolerate dosages of cannabinoids when cannabis is consumed in the form. This is because when you smoke cannabis, the THC really functions as a CB1 receptor agonist and your body can only consume ~10 mg at a time.

Based on Dr. William Courtney, “If you don’t heat marijuana, it is possible to go around five or six hundred mg and use the plant strictly as a dietary supplement by increasing the anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective levels which come into play in hundreds of mg of CBDA and THCA. It’s this dramatic increase in dose from 10 mg of Vitamin THC into the 500 milligrams — 1,000 mg of non-psychoactive THCA, CBDA, also CBGA that includes the key distinction between traditional medical marijuana remedies along with using cannabis as a nutritional supplement.”

The FDA has actually approved a tolerable CBD dose of 600 mg/day as a new investigative drug. This produces the possibility for drinking the juice containing 600 mg of CBDA, much more. Contemplating CBD proportions are usually under 1 percent in many strains out there in dispensaries around the nation, it’s almost not possible to smoke to ingest a 600 mg dosage of CBD.